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The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England & Wales
IndustryLaw reporting
FoundedLondon, England
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Founder(s)W. T. S. Daniel Q.C.
Area servedEngland and Wales
Key peopleHis Honour Nicholas Chambers QC (chairman)
T. H. W. Piper Esq. (vice-chairman)
Clive Scowen (editor)
ProductsThe Law Reports
Weekly Law Reports
Industrial Cases Reports
The Business Law Reports
The Public and Third Sector Law Reports

A publication of the Council of Law Reporting, reporting on the outcomes of selected court cases. This organization does not have a monopoly on such reporting, but it does have a semi-official status. It is administered jointly by the Inns of Court (see: Inns of court) and the Law Society (see: Law society). Its reporters are barristers.

References to cases published in the Law Reports are cited like this:

plaintiff v defendent [year] volume series page

The plaintiff may be 'R' or 'Regina' for Crown cases. For the High Court, the series abbreviations are 'Ch' (Chancery Division), 'F' (Family Division), 'QB' (Queen's Bench), and 'P' (Probate, Admiralty and Divorce -- now defunct). Court of Appeal cases are reported alongseide the court from which the appeal was made, not in a separate volume. The code 'AC' indicates an appeal heard by the House of lords (see: House of lords) or Privy Council (see: Privy council) .

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