Memorandum of association

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The document which sets out the way in which a registered company (see: Registered company) will interact with the outside world. The memorandum must state:

  • the trading name of the company, which must end in 'limited' (ltd) for a private limited company or 'public limited company' (plc, or 'ccc' in Wales) (see: Limited company). If neither of these designations are given, it will be an unlimited company (see: Unlimited company);
  • the registered office of the company, in particular whether it is to be registered in England, Wales, or Scotland;
  • the 'objects' (business operations) of the company;
  • whether the liability of the members is limited (generally it is);
  • the share capital (see: Share capital) of the company, and how it is to be divided.

the company, its business address, and the nature of business to be carried on. Contrast the 'articles' (see: Articles of association), which describe the internal operations of the company.